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Haystack Real Deal: Garbanzo’s Mystery Value Cards

Haystack Real Deals: Garbanzo's has partnered with Garbanzo’s Mediterranean Grill to give away 124 Garbanzo Mystery Value gift cards valued at $3, $5 or $25 to Haystack’s Facebook fans!

To win, you must Register on our Facebook Page at


About Garbanzo’s:

Through the myriad of dining options out there, you found your way to a freshness oasis: Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill. Garbanzo is proud to bring fresh, authentic Mediterranean food to you! Handmade pitas are baked on-site daily. Our hummus, falafel, chicken and steak shwarmas, and salads are made only from the freshest and highest quality ingredients — never with trans fats. Our thousand-year-old recipes take you to a place you never thought could be so convenient. Enjoy the freshness. Rest assured this is no mirage.

Visit the Garbanzo’s website: