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Dr. Dean Anderson, DC

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Are Your Hormones Making You Fat?

As women we know that hormones can cause strong reactions in our body. We can have mood swings, water retention, PMS, hormones cause us to go into labor, and also cause us to love deeply. Did you know that when those hormones get out of balance we store that unwanted belly fat? As women when our testosterone becomes elevated it makes fat loss nearly impossible. High testosterone can also cause other unwanted symptoms like hot flashes and unwanted facial hair. A similar reaction in men will happen when estrogen levels become elevated. For a man, high estrogen levels can cause erectile dysfunction, increase in breast tissue, and that unwanted belly fat. Our sex hormones have a strong influence on losing weight. Once hormone imbalances are found in our office and corrected, fat loss becomes easier. Every person’s physiology is different so it is extremely important to have the appropriate lab testing done to have the correct approach to balancing the mechanisms causing your hormone imbalance. Get tested today and take charge of your health to live a more enjoyable life.