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When Empolyers Shun the Unemployed

The New York Times on Tuesday shone a light on one of the HR industry’s worst-kept secrets: For many open positions, unemployed candidates need not apply.

Not only are there are plenty of want ads that specify that the company will consider only currently employed candidates, millions of other job seekers are quietly winnowed out of competition if they’ve been out of work for an extended period.

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5 Home Improvement Jobs for Hot Weather

While most of the country roasts this week under a heat dome, CBS News has a list of 5 home repiars to do while its hot.

Click here for the complete list.

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Get Free Home Upgrades To Reduce Energy Bills

Houses are hot and energy bills are high, but there may be some free help to offer. The city of Denver is reaching out to families to help them reduce their energy needs. Many residents might be surprised at what help they can get free of charge.

Greenprint Denver is offering free energy-efficient light bulbs, free programmable thermostats, and even free insulation for attics.



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5 Things Not to Buy at Home Depot

While plenty of customers “bleed orange,” Home Depot causes others to see red: The retail giant is known among contractors as the place where you’ll get the lowest price but sometimes the worst service.

Here are five product categories where trying to save a buck might not be worth the hassle.

Check out the list at

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5 Things to Buy at Home Depot

“More Saving. More Doing” — the home improvement retailer’s slogan since March 2009 — is catchy and accurate, if a little self-congratulatory: The word on the street, among professional contractors and home-improvers, is that The Home Depot usually has the lowest prices on home improvement supplies. has a list of the 5 Things to Buy at Home Depot.

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