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GE To Hire 5,000 Veterans Over Next 5 Years

General Electric Co. says it will hire 5,000 veterans over the next five years and invest $580 million to expand its aviation business.
The announcements are part of a four-day event that the global conglomerate is hosting with partners in Washington, D.C., that focuses on issues such as manufacturing and job creation in America.



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10 Employee Types That Drive Managers Crazy

Some employees are such royal pains in the you-know-what, such impediments to getting things done, that you really start to question why you hired them in the first place.
Now, executives and managers can and will overlook all sorts of weird and quirky behavior as long as the job gets done. But certain types of employees can’t seem to stop themselves from creating more problems than they solve. For them, the dollar amount on their foreheads just isn’t worth it.

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Managers: Are You The Kim Jong Il Of Your Company?

 With the death of Kim Jong Il comes a ton of news stories about him, including this fabulous one of 17 Bizarre Details About the Dear Leader’s Life. While these stories are wacky and worthy of a dictator, there are many parallels in the lives of managers. Based on these 17 things, here are 5 that pop up in managers from CBS


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10 Ways To Make Everyone At Work Hate You

Remember when you were a kid and your parents and teachers tried to get you to play nice with the other children? You didn’t listen, did you?

If that describes you, then you’re probably still doing the same thing, except now, you’re doing it at work. And I can tell you this: It’ll come back to haunt you, someday.

Yeah, I know what people say. They say that nice guys finish last. That bullies and jerks get away with it. Well, people who say that are whiny, wimpy dopes. More importantly, they’re wrong.

Sure, aggressive bullies that rip people apart at the first sign of weakness and also happen to have the capabilities of a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates may very well get away with it. But you won’t. Not only that, you’ll also end up the most hated person at work if you …
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Roofing Company Leaves Homeowners With Unpaid Bills

Homeowners in the Denver metro area are being penalized after an Aurora roofing company failed to pay its bills.

Brian Fliedner’s aunt spent $10,000 to get her roof replaced in August but two months later she received a letter saying she needs to pay $3,600 dollars for the supplies or have a lien placed on her home.


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