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The Best Father’s Day Gift for Dad (free $500)!

Have you thought about what to get your partner, spouse, father or grandfather for Father’s Day this year? Maybe all the typical gifts are coming to mind like sports memorabilia, beer brewing kits, music or concert tickets, or a day of family fun including bike ride and picnic! Those are wonderful gifts and any Dad would be delighted to receive them. But there’s one gift that is sure to last an entire lifetime and you might not have thought about the special impact it can have. What is it? An estate plan! Yes, that mysterious collection of documents that you’ve heard about here and there throughout your life. How can that possibly be the best gift for Dad this Father’s Day?


An estate plan is the best gift for Dad this Father’s Day because it will give him PEACE OF MIND—that elusive feeling of total calm, knowing that he will have the right documents in place during emergencies so that his medical decisions are never delayed, his finances are maintained in the short-term in case he is unable to manage them temporarily, that his kids will always be cared for and raised by people he’s chosen and trusts, and that if something ever happens to him permanently, that his family will be okay because they’ve ideally set up a Living Trust to protect assets and distribute them at age-appropriate times for important things such as health care, college, a vehicle, or whatever else is needed throughout life.


Father’s Day is a day to honor and celebrate all fathers in all stages of life. We’re inviting all Dads, including Grandfathers and Fathers, to our upcoming talk “Beards, Beards & Babies” hosted by Bonnie’s husband, Tom Bowles, co-creator of the Wills & Wellness name and Bonnie’s number one support from the start. He knows first-hand what a great deal estate planning can mean to a family and he’ll be sharing how protecting your children and assets is truly the greatest gift you can give to your family.


We’re offering a special promotion for Father’s Day!


All you have to do is send your special Dad to our “Beards, Beards & Babies” talk on Tuesday, June 24th from 5:30 – 6:30pm (spouses, friends, parents of course all welcome, but Dads do need to be there!), set up a free consultation with us after the talk, and engage with us on either a Family Plan, Trust Plan, or Wealth Plan, and receive a full $500 off your plan if you engage by July 31st, 2014. (Plus, enjoy free beers, a welcoming kids play area, and an estate planning talk by a cool Dad who knows his stuff!).


RSVP today to reserve your spot. Just click here.


And….Dads who have already been to a talk are more than welcome to come enjoy a beer and listen again, or, skip the talk and set up an appointment. Any Dad or Grandpa who engages with us before the end of July, 2014 will also be able to enjoy this special discount!


Contact us today for more information. And…Happy Father’s Day!