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Windows XP and Office 2003 Support Ends April 8th, 2014

Latest Computer Newsletter from Onsite Consulting
BAD NEWS:  If you have Windows XP or need a new computer, READ THIS SECTION!
Through our national radio broadcasts and through these newsletters, we’ve been warning of the end of XP on April 8 (just a few days away!)  At that time, XP users will no longer get security updates and XP Viruses are expected to spike 66%!
90% of ATMs in the US are running Windows XP.  I’m not sure what is going to happen there, but I wouldn’t use ATMs for a while (if you even can).
Short Story:  You need to get a new computer.  There isn’t anything “wrong” with Windows 8, but Windows 7 is easier.  The only place in Colorado that still has Windows 7 is Microcenter, but they are running out of the one I recommend (Click here to get details).  I bought 17 the other day for clients!
Microcenter gets a truck of 40 every few days, and sells them all out before the next truck.  I have arranged to have 3 computers on hold at Microcenter.  Just ask any of a computer salesman in the desktop section for the “Dell i5 Windows 7 computers on hold for Scott Henke’s customers”, and he can see if they still have any left.
Long Story:  I’ve had a series of 1-hour courses (usually $80), for free at Microcenter on how to buy a new computer.  However, because these were getting so large that they’ve asked that we hold off until after the XP rush ends.  So, we are providing the same podcast ONLINE!  All my shows on will soon be available via podcasts.  This is the 45 minute show explaining the “13 Choices you need to make when getting a new computer.”  You can download this handout from the class here so you can follow along.
Many of you are choosing to take your chances with Windows XP.  We recommend all 3 of these things:
Get the best antivirus program you can:  We recommend ESET, Kaspersky, or BitDefender.  We believe ESET is the best and fastest for $30/year.
Get Malwarebytes Professional (see below) for $30/lifetime version.
Do all your Windows Updates before April 8.  Watch this video from another tech company here.
…and don’t say we didn’t warn you!
Good News!
Spyware and Viruses are the #1 concern of our customers.

Since November, we’ve recommended Malwarebytes Professional and had a dramatic reduction in customers coming in for spyware removal.

This is a supplementary program which prevents and removes “SPYWARE” which antiviruses don’t even scan for.   It’s been reported that if Target had this installed on their computers, their security breach may never have happened.

Our psychic abilities knew that their LIFETIME version was being discontinued and replaced by an annual subscription for $25/year.  This just took affect last Monday.

We helped over 2500 customers get this since November, and bought 1000 more copies before they stopped selling them.  You can easily install this yourself in minutes.  Email me personally and we will send you an installation code for $30 for the LIFETIME version.  (So, if you live 20 years, then you save $470!)

The free version will help remove spyware AFTER it infects the computer.  The paid version will minimize the threat BEFORE installing in the first place, then automatically scan for spyware to double-check any that may have gotten through.

If you already have Malwarebytes FREE or the PROFESSIONAL (Now called “Premiere”) version it will automatically upgrade to the newer version which scans even more thoroughly.  We will send out details on the new version in the next newsletter.
Free and Low-Cost Learning
Education is key to not throwing your computer out the window.
We have free online courses at LearnItAnytime.  Email me for our username and password.
We will be putting our most popular podcasts from some of our recent radio shows here.
We have these upcoming classes.  You must RSVP to attend:

Saturday, April 5, 8:30 am:  How to Choose a New Computer, at our NEW Office (next door to the old one)
April 10, 1-3pm, Using Google for More Than Searching at The Academy of Lifelong Learners
April 14, 1-3pm, “I Bought an iPad–Now what?” at Heather Gardens
April 17, 1-3pm, Staying Safe with Buying Online at the Academy of LL
May 14, 9am to 11am, Computer Basics and Troubleshooting at Heather Gardens
June 11, 9am to 11am, Using Google for Far More than Searching at Heather Gardens
We appreciate your trust in serving you over the past 33 years!  Let us know how we can help!

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