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Count down is on Colorado, days left for 2014 health insurance enrollment


By: Kelly Poto

If you haven’t signed up for health care you need to get on it. The deadline for open enrollment is next Monday, March 31st. Insurance expert, Paul LoNigro of Group Insurance Analysts, explained that if you sign up by next Monday your coverage will begin on May 1st and run through the end of the year.

If you miss this deadline you will not have another opportunity to get health insurance until the next open enrollment period or with a qualifying event; i.e. you got married, changed jobs, or had a child. A side note worth mentioning is that becoming pregnant is not a life changing event and you will not receive coverage until after the child is born.

LoNigro says one new provision was added last week for those who start “their Peak application (Medicaid determination) by March 31st but do not receive their answer immediately, they will be allowed to enroll after 3/13/14 at the time they get that determination.”

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