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Preventing poisoning in Colorado


Written By: Kelly Poto

In 2013, 719 Colorado businesses, 35,557 Nationwide, reported a poison exposure incident in the workplace. These incidents highlight the need and importance of Poison Prevention Week as a way to educate and inform individuals and businesses about poisoning exposure and what to do in the event of an emergency.

To gain further insight into how people can protect themselves we spoke with Medical Director, Dr. Alvin Bronstein MD , and Call Center Nurse Supervisor, Sarah Bruhn, of the Rocky Mountain Poison & Drug Center. Poison Prevention week is about creating awareness by educating employers and employees about the resource of the Poison Hotline, explaining what individuals have the right to know and how to access the information.

It seems akin to participating in a tornado or fire drill. The information shared may not be needed right that moment but it’s absolutely critical in those emergency moments. Like the tornado or fire drill, going through the motions may be the difference between life and death when the situation happens in real life.

Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Control does not regulator or enforce policy. However, Bruhn and Bronstein said employers working within OSHA regulations are required to notify employees during initial and subsequent training periods of important numbers and where essential information is stored and how to access.

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