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Latest Computer Updates from Scott Henke of Onsite Consulting

Latest Computer Update from Scott Henke of Onsite Consulting:


“I reached out a few times to ALL our customers, and we have you listed as a business customer.  So, we thought we would email again with this warning.


The problem for businesses

After 12 years of Windows XP, Microsoft is no longer going to be doing monthly updates to the operating system.  This means:


The solution: Get a new computer

Unless you have a free Windows 7 upgrade and little data, it is typically not cost effective to upgrade your Windows XP or Windows Vista computer.  The computer must be completely backed up, erased, reloaded, the data transferred back, then the computer set up again.  However, you will still have a slow, computer with a hard drive past it’s 5-7 year expected lifespan.


We do NOT sell computers!  We recommend going to Microcenter.  We suggest these Windows 7 PCs because they are fast and have an easier learning curve than Windows 8. for normal use for $499

or for computers which need to connect to a server for $629



Timeline and Budget

It takes about 1 week to get your business evaluated, computers purchased, data moved, and computers set back up again.  The average total cost is about $900 to $1200 per computer.


We are estimating about 20% of our clients are still on XP.  We have close to 6000 clients.  Do you see why we are encouraging you to act now!


If you have a business more than 5 computers and would like us to come out for 1-hour for a free consultation, please email me back or call the office to set an appointment for KEITH to come out next week.  He will determine how many you need, which operating system, which software you may need to purchase, and get you on the right track.   If you have less than 5 computers, then we have to charge our normal $120/hour rate for this evaluation.


This Saturday at 9am, we have another free class at Microcenter before the store opens.  This is normally an $80 class.  I’ve attached the handout of the 12 main decision points to be made when purchasing a new PC.  YOU MUST preregister, since we are entering the store 1-hour before it opens to the public.


We are expecting a lot of issues after XP retires, so we want to give you all the info you need to have a head start on avoiding frustrations later.



With EVERY Windows Computer, we are suggesting upgrading to Malwarebytes Professional which is only $25 for a lifetime subscription.  This is an extra layer of spyware protection not covered by ANY antivirus program. It’s been written that this simple program could have prevented the Target credit card breach a few months ago!


They are no longer offering the lifetime after March 24.  We can send you instructions and codes on how to upgrade in less than 1 minute.  Just email me with how many computers you need to protect, and we will activate codes and send you simple instructions.”

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