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Important Windows XP Announcement from Onsite Consulting

On April 7 (1 MONTH FROM NOW!) Windows XP will stop getting updates from Microsoft.
This doesn’t mean your XP computer will stop working, but it will no longer get weekly security updates from Microsoft.  This means that many financial websites (like your bank, stock company, credit card company) may not allow you to use your computer to access your sensitive information.  Also, some non-financial websites may not work ( will not work on Internet Explorer on Windows XP already).
The deadline has been postponed for years and this operating system is over 13 years old.  Even though 25% of the PLANET EARTH is still using XP, we don’t believe they are going to extend this deadline.
I personally teach a “Handholding Personal Shopper Session” one-on-one at Microcenter for $80.  We have two free classes at 9am at Microcenter before the store opens this Saturday March 1 and in 2 weeks 9am March 15.  You MUST RSVP for this, as I need to escort you through the employee entrance.  Class size is limited to 20 people.
For those of you with XP Computers, you can read this document I wrote explaining why you should get one by April 7, 2014.  New Windows 7 or 8 computers range from $350 to $600.  Data transfer plus setup onsite is usually about $250 to $350 depending on what you need done.
If you are a business owner with more than 5 computers, we are offering a free onsite evaluation of your computer needs with Keith, who can help you navigate the OTHER issues switching will face such as needing new software and setup estimates.  This 1-hour onsite evaluation can get you going in the right direction with purchasing and budgeting.  Email Keith and I here for more details or to coordinate a visit.

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