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Exclusive interview with Colorado’s Bitcoin Lawyer, Benjamin C. Yablon, – Part 1

Written By: Kelly Poto

Benjamin C. Yablon splits his time between being an attorney and author of fiction books. His books are known for exploring alternative currencies centering on the moral and ethical implications of futuristic medicine. In this exclusive interview we caught up with Benjamin Yablon to talk about accepting Bitcoins as payment for legal services and being one of 5 practicing BitcoinLawyers in the United States.

KP: How did you learn about Bitcoins and why did you decide to accept them for your legal services?

Benjamin Yablon: The decision to accept them was an outgrowth of the two halves of my professional life: I split my time between practicing law and writing fiction. My series of novels, www.Pur­­, explore alternative currency aboard a floating hospital. As a lawyer that handles bankruptcy cases, I have watched thousands of clients suffer because of the interest rates that their credit card issuers were legally entitled to charge them.

We pay an astounding 30% extra for the consumer purchases that we put on credit cards. In a single year, that amounts to trillions of dollars. Bitcoin offers a new way. Your example of the six million dollar transaction that was done in bitcoin which resulted in a six cent fee illustrates my desire to get involved perfectly.

I’m fascinated by crypto-currency and I want to help people understand that there is a better way. Banks, not consumers, have so far reaped the benefits of the technological revolution. Online banking has allowed our banks to eliminate costs in the form of employee wages. They have been able to replace workers in every part of their business models with automated systems. But do we see lower fees as a result? Absolutely not.

Don’t misunderstand me. I support a company’s right to make a profit. But the same technological tools that have allowed banks to make unheard of profits are now available to the average consumer. The same encryption tools that the banks themselves use to protect online transactions are used by crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.

KP: Where would you recommend consumer go to learn more about Bitcoins?

Benjamin Yablon: is the semi-official website. Also, an organization called the Bitcoin Foundation provides advocacy and information on Bitcoin.

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