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BitCoin – Another payment solution for your small business or nonprofit?

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Written By: Kelly Poto

Denver Bankruptcy Attorney, Benjamin Yablon, announced today on HaystackHelp Radio that his firm is accepting Bitcoins for legal services. This is believed to be the first law firm in Colorado to do so. According to the Greeley Tribune, the Cosmic Mart in Greeley became the first company in the United States to officially begin accepting Bitcoins for common goods like gas and grocery items., The Sacramento Kings, TigerDirect and several Las Vegas Casino’s have all made the decision to accept Bitcoins. The list is growing because businesses and nonprofits recognize and are embracing this new and growing payment option.

Why all the interest? According to the Cosmic Mart Owner, Shahzad Sarwar, this their way of attempting to bypass credit cards. Sarwar claims they could hire two more full time employees for what they pay in credit processing fees. Though there are many benefits, the savings in processing fees paired with the security Bitcoin offers is why businesses and nonprofits are taking notice.

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