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Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 Podcast

HaystackRadio 11-19-13 HOUR 1

Family Planning Attorney, Bonnie Bowles, of Wills and Wellness talked about the process of estate planning and the importance of everyone over the age of 18 having a plan in place.   She also indicated that the New Year is the best time to begin a new plan or revisit your current one.

Dr. Craig Burns of  Maximized Health Chiropractic focused on the health benefits of chiropractics for children.   Dr. Burns talked about the treatment pressures and types used for children explaining that if a situation is addressed as a child it takes less time to correct because it hasn’t been happening their entire life, as is the case  in treating most adults.

HaystackRadio 11-19-13 HOUR 2

Claudean Champagne of Handyman Connection talked about remodeling and how to avoid the most common pitfalls of the process.  Claudean explained the permitting process and the number of inspections that take place through the entire remodeling process.

Jennifer Erzinger with Lincoln Real Estate Group described Denver’s tight real estate market explaining that the housing prices are returning because there are fewer available homes and fewer short-sales.  Jennifer explained the buying process including the expected amount of time it usually takes to close on a home.

Jim Mintor of Colorado Cleanup Services talked about some of the usual events that may cause mold and dispelled several of the most common myths of its remediation.   Jim offered Haystack listeners a free evaluation for homes within a 25 mile area of their office.

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