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Legos For Leukemia

At the age of 13 Christian lost his dad to leukemia and his grandma to cancer. A year later his step-mom moved from Colorado to Germany with his four ½ siblings and he hasn’t seen them in over 5 years. This tremendous & sudden loss of family caused Christian to go into a very deep depression.

In 2009 Christian learned about a 9 year old boy named Taylor that is currently suffering from Burkitts Leukemia. Knowing all to well the effects of cancer Christian wanted to help Taylor by giving him something to do during his hospital visits. Christian remembered playing with Legos during his dad’s chemo treatments helped him, and thought they might help Taylor as well. So he sent Taylor a big box of Legos. Helping Taylor gave Christian the idea to help other kids affected by cancer and other life threatening diseases.

So he started asking friends and family for Lego donations to take to Children’s Hospital as a way to honor his father & grandmother. His friends and family loved the idea so much Christian decided to have an annual Lego toy drive which he named “Legos for Leukemia”. He started a facebook page to spread the word and on 2/18/2010 (Christian’s dad’s birthday) his family delivered 135 Lego boxes to the Denver Children’s Hospital, and on 2/18/2011 they delivered 453 Lego boxes. In two years “Legos for Leukemia” supporters have donated an estimated $9,000.00 in Legos.
If you would like to help a child suffering from a life threatening disease and a young man
honor his father & grandmother. Please donate a “New” Lego Set of any size to:

LEGOS for LEUKEMIA, c/o Christian Flanders
15035 E. Hinsdale Dr., Englewood, CO. 80112
100% of donations go to the Denver Children’s Hospital