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The Most Insecure Passwords On The Internet

Passwords are generally the one thing standing between the bad guys and your email, network access, bank accounts and all the other personal and corporate resources you use every day.

That’s why it’s utterly mind-boggling that today, in 2011, real people still use passwords like these:

password, 123456, qwerty, abc123, monkey, 1234567, letmein, 111111, iloveyou, master, sunshine, passw0rd, shadow, 123123, 654321, superman, and qazwsx

The bottom line is that if you use a dictionary word or an otherwise easily guessed password, you should change it right away. Those passwords are vulnerable. And if you use the same password on multiple accounts or logins, you are inviting catastrophe. Click here to visit for the golden rules of password management.