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Protect Your Computer In Snow Storms

When it snows, clients call because of many simple issues.

If your Internet is down, it’s easy to fix yourself. PC issues are usually costly.

This is how to fix problems yourself and prevent costly problems.

If the Internet is down in your house:

1.  Unplug your modem and/or wireless router.  When you unplug the power cord, the lights should go off of these items.  If they don’t then you have a special Comcast Modem with a battery inside.   On these Comcast Modems, you must open the bottom, and remove the battery for 10 seconds, then put it back in and plug in the modem.

Plug in the Modem first, then the wireless router if you have one.

2.  Restart your computer

3.  After about 2 minutes, you can 

4.  Try getting on the Internet again.

5.  If you still have problems getting online, call your Internet Provider (Century Link (1.800.366.8201) /Comcast (1-800-266-2278) and see if they can tell you if there is any outage in the area, and if your equipment is working properly.

If your desktop computer or laptop is frozen or won’t start up:

Hold your finger down on the ON button for 20 seconds.  NOT 2 seconds, until it LOOKS like it is off.  Hold it down for a full 20 seconds.

Then, take your finger off and try turning it on normally.

If this doesn’t work, you could be facing costly repairs.  Hopefully, just a power supply (about $50), but sadly it is a bad motherboard which is too expensive to fix.  You would need to buy a new computer.

PREVENTION will save you a LOT of money!

Colorado’s electrical infrastructure is “dirty”.  This means it frequently has power spikes and dips, which are actually more damaging to your computer than the power going completely off.
Easiest thing to do:  TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER DURING A STORM!  If you are gone during the day, turn it off!  If it might storm at night, turn it off!  If rolling brownouts are projected, turn it off!

Least Expensive piece of equipment to buy:  A Surge Suppressor for $10  These will protect you about 50% of the time!  They will not usually protect you from nearby lightning strikes, spikes, and brownouts.  If the power goes out, so does your computer.

Best piece of equipment to buy:  An Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
If your computer is “mission critical” and you can’t afford to be down for a few days, you MUST have one of these.  They have a higher chance of protecting you from lightning, power dips, and brownouts.  If the power goes out, your computer usually stays on.  Many of these come with warranties which will pay for your computer if it is damaged while plugged into their UPS.
Here is one at Microcenter for $50

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