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Warning: Facebook ‘Friend’ May Want to Rob You

Con artists are lurking in the shadows of your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and eHarmony accounts, according to the North American Securities Administrators Association, the oldest international investor protection association.

Crooks have always gravitated to so-called “affinity” frauds, which target the members of a set group such as members of a particular church, alumni association or country club. That’s because victims let down their guard when they’re introduced through a friend, even if that introduction is second-hand. (Think: “I was referred to you by Father Jim.” Or “Susan suggested that I give you a call.”)

In fact, scammers purposefully infiltrate tight-knit groups, figuring that common hobbies, lifestyles, professions or faith will help them establish a bond with their victims. Because we assume that our friends won’t betray us, that bond increases the likelihood that even a reasonable, thoughtful individual will become a victim.