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Deceptive Letter Duping Colorado Businesses

Colorado’s secretary of state is calling a letter sent to business owners deceptive. Some of the business owners called CBS4 when it asked them to pay a fee. The fine print could lead to a costly problem.

In Colorado businesses are required to file an annual periodic report with the secretary of state’s office. Notification comes in the mail in the form of a postcard and the fee is $10.

Diane Krueger got an official-looking letter and then contacted CBS4.

“Oh they are getting smart, aren’t they,” Krueger said. “With how they send out these things out … it’s really disturbing.”

The letter states if they don’t file their periodic report they will become “noncompliant,” and after a second notice, “delinquent.” It says to submit the “annual fee of $225″ and “act immediately.”

But it’s the fine print at the bottom that states this “has not been approved or endorsed by any government agency … this is a solicitation.”

“We need to tell people it’s $10,” Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler said. “They shouldn’t waste their time with an organization like this. They shouldn’t get ripped off.”