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Checking Credit Report…A Big Deal!

With every major and sometimes minor transaction hinging on your credit report, the days of not really worrying about what’s on it are over!  Your credit can potentially tell an employer if you’re responsible and worth hiring or not.

And while some employers don’t place the same amount of importance on credit reports, they still check it.  Why take the chance of having a mistake on it?  It’s smart to review your free credit report every 4 months (free from each of the agencies).  That way, you can check throughout the year and spot problems.

Equifax, TransUnion and Experian are the 3 major credit reporting agencies and checking your credit report at least 3X a year is what’s recommended.  That way, if there are mistakes, you don’t have to wait to hear it from a potential creditor or an entire year to find out about it.